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Chaos Tires

posted by coach Jay D

If you’re walking down the street with a friend and come across a random tractor tire that’s been neglected, feel free to give this drill a go.

“Chaos Tires” teaches us all a lesson in explosive pushing in addition to learning how to stabilize your spine and absorb force.

There’s really nothing to this drill – simply stand on either side of the tire and provide your partner with unexpected chaos. The essence, and more importantly – the fun, lies in attempting to throw your training partner or adversary with random and even off-centered tire shoving. Always keep ‘em guessing yet always be ready to react to whatever just the same.

Reps? Sets?

You be the artist. On this day, Jonas and Andrew did several timed sets as a “Finisher” to the days training.

Whether you’re a football player, grappler, sumo wrestler or preparing yourself for the zombies, add this drill to your tool box.

Have A Strong Day.

Evolve Your Goals

posted by coach Jay D

I recently grabbed the June issue of American “Men’s Health”. Although it’s not the same magazine that used to impress me, as it’s shifted its focus more towards fashion and technology rather than actual “health” over the last few months, I was pretty impressed when skimming its pages at the local news stand

There’s a section that encourages men to “Look Great At Any Age” worth checking out. Aside from giving you a cookie cut program for any man in his 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond, the article forced me to question where my training goals have been, currently are and where they’re going into the future.

As I approach my 30s, the goals of my 20s were not what they once were in my teens and will probably look nothing like they will be in my 40s, 50s, 60s, into the century mark and beyond. Where hormones and my metabolism were at their peak in my late teens and 20s, they’re kind of starting to taper off into my 30s by way of changes in my body (ew, I just had a flashback to the sexual health section of my old PhysEd class from grade school); me wanting a big chest, set of arms and abs just doesn’t have the same weight or priority on my agenda as it once did.

It’s not that I don’t want to look great on the beach or nekkid – we all do; it’s just now, my priorities have shifted towards becoming superhumanly strong and fit. I want to deadlift tons of weight and sprint the 100m faster than ever.

By questioning and rephrasing the “why” behind wanting chest, arms and abs, I can reframe the “how” I’ll go about achieving it and more. Re-visiting my goals this way, then enables me to look beyond just the mere aesthetic end result of training and consider the usual chest, arms and abs as a byproduct of my time under the bar. After all, if you train hard while eating and sleeping well, there’s no doubt that the body and aesthetics become a byproduct of performance-goal-oriented training (wow, that’s a mouthful). Don’t believe me? Athletes are always my go-to example: they put performance at the forefront of their training, yet are often the best physical specimens around, if we’re judging mere vanity and appearances.

Personally and goal-related, I’m considering the long term journey. I’m thinking about running my own gym in the future and that entails being the trainer, the book keeper, the maintenance man and the front desk girl all in one cute shell. I’d like to look the part of strength coach of course, but it’s more important that I’m able to actually lift and teach you, the athlete, properly – while moving myself properly.

I’ll always say to myself: A Stronger Me equals a Stronger We.
If you’ve chosen me to coach and train you, then shoot, I’d like to lead from the front at 29 today, up until 129 years old.

Anyhow, if you get the chance, Man or Woman, be sure to check out the latest “Men’s Health” and question where your own training has been, where it is and where you can forsee it going. Constantly reassess where you’ve been, evolve and reset those goals. It’s the only way you’ll grow.

Evolve Or Die.

Have A Strong Day.

The Paul Bunyan Run

posted by coach Jay D

I was recently reading a strength article by Grip and Strength god, John Brookfield, where he came up with a “Paul Bunyan Run”. If you’re not familiar with Paul Bunyan, he’s a legendary American lumberjack that lugged around a heavy ax wherever he went. Disney did a piece on him, I believe.

Anyhow, Brookfield’s “Bunyan Run” consists of:
- Setting your clock to 40 minutes
- Running 150-200 yards back and forth
- cutting a log with an ax or striking with a sledge for 60s before running again

John Brookfield inventor of Battling Ropes + Strength god

It’s a great conditioning workout that not only promotes fun training outside, but utilizes the sledgehammer – a tool that’s often ignored in my training arsenal by way of heavy clubs and maces (that I promote striking with).

Inspired by Brookfield and without 40 minutes to spare, here’s the JD Training interpretation of the Paul Bunyan Run:
- Strike an old tire or stump in a DESCENDING LADDER of reps for 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 per side
- Run a football or soccer field length and back
- Repeat until you’ve demolised the ladder or repetitions above
- Running with an ax or hammer is doable, but not really adviseable (I did, however. pretty fun)

The unstable terrain of the local soccer field by my house and the fresh air was a pleasant environment to snack on Brookfield’s “Bunyan Run” and some club work before hand.

Get outside and Enjoy the outdoors while you can. It’s impermanent.
Have A Strong Day.