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Lies Freshly Squeezed

posted by coach Jay D

I personally, had no clue, but JD Training Advocate and friend, Junya, recently shared an article about the 100% UNPureness of “Pure” O.J.

Excerpt from
“Do you buy orange juice at the store? If you do, I’m sure you’re careful to buy the kind that’s 100% juice and not made from concentrate. After all, that’s the healthier kind, right? The more natural kind? The kind without any additives? The kind that’s sold in the refrigerator section so it must be almost as good as fresh-squeezed orange juice?

If I’m describing you, then you’re either going to hate me or love me by the time you’re done reading this post. The truth is, that orange juice you feel so good about buying is probably none of those things. You’ve been making assumptions based on logic. The food industry follows its own logic because of the economies of scale. What works for you in your kitchen when making a glass or two of juice simply won’t work when trying to process thousands upon thousands of gallons of the stuff…”

Read more at “The Secret Ingredient In Your Orange Juice” by KristenM

Thanks for the share, braddah Junya.
Keep your eyes open and fuel your body only with the finest sources.

If it grows on a plant, eat it; if it has to go thru a plant, don’t.

Even the purists have fooled us!

Vignettes: Lisa Dunn

posted by coach Jay D

About a week ago, friend, Kombat Arts Athlete and Strength seeker, Lisa Dunn, recently penned an article about her experience in training in the Art of Muay Thai. It’s a great read and text to turn to when seeking motivation in your own training, woman, man or child.

Here’s an excerpt from her article with a beginning that I personally love (everything thereafter is even more priceless, so I’ll let you read for yourself):
“I always wanted to be a ninja when I grew up. At 34 and with my children no longer babies, I decided it was time to begin achieving that goal…”

Read more at “Muay Thai Mommy” by Lisa Dunn

Great piece, Lisa. You and husband Barry, keep staying strong.
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Catch Lisa and Husband, Barry training + playing with prowler and club in hand.
I had the honour of training with this Strong Couple in celebration of their Anniversary a few months ago (1:48-2:01)

The Movement from JDTrainingTV on Vimeo.

Remember, training, whether throwing punches, kicks or heavy weights overhead goes far beyond simply just trying to “look” fit.
Training when it changes your whole being – mind, spirit and body beats the pants off simply going through the motions as a weekend warrior involved in some sort of obligatory fitness (rat-wheel treadmill running or bicep curling/thigh abducting). Once you let training change your entire being, it becomes a life-long pursuit, not just some chore.

Follow Lisa’s example and shape your own path towards personal empowerment through training.

Have A Strong Day.

How We Do, What We Do, When We Do It.

posted by coach Jay D

I’ll take a speechless role here and let the experience and strength-imagery of my athletes, advocates and ultimately, close friends speak for themselves.

The Movement from JDTrainingTV on Vimeo.

Have A Strong Day.

Kat’s Omelet

posted by coach Jay D

In kettlebell training, an omelet, similar to a complex, is a series of movements that are folded and mixed together flowing from one side of the body to the other.

There are several omelets at your disposal on the internet, but they just didn’t have what my athletes and myself were looking for. Because JDSKBC I (JD Single Kettlebell Complex I) was formed as a simple but effective kettlebell complex for beginner to advanced athletes, pending on reps, sets and duration of rest, the idea behind this complex was to train without having to think about how to swing or even having your swing technique go down the toilet during your later rounds and sets.


I’m starting to really push for quality of movement in each individual rather than simply, going balls to the wall at an insane intensity simply to be a slave to a stopwatch and beat your “PR” (that’s ok, sometimes, just not all the time).
Let’s move with quality and both lose and find ourselves in training, without killing oursevles, of course.

“Kat’s Omelet”, alongside JDSKBC I, is a classic staple on our strength menu here at JD Training, but only if you have a basic grounding in the basic Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing. This omelet, unlike “JDSKBC I”, is to not only promote conditioning, work capacity and blah blah blah (aka great tenants of fitness), but also to promote actual skill and performance – that great thing called MOVEMENT. Wow, there’s something you don’t hear about much in the fitness world, training to actually move and perform well; it’s just how Coach JD rolls, I guess.

Kat’s Omelet
10 reps each movement, 30-60s Rest, 3-7 sets of:
LH Swing
2H Swing
Figure 8 to Hold
Handsfree 2H Swing OR 2H Walking Swing

Kat perfoming “Kat’s Omelet”

Have A Strong Day.

Windmills, Stairs + Rough Drafts

posted by coach Jay D

Life has been pretty hectic over the last few weeks with training and just getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun, whenever possible.

I’ve put together a few videos, that’ll be posted over the next few days when I have the chance, along with some blog posts that I’ve been piecing together here and there.

Here we go:

Tom’s Strength Snack

Here’s a nice little combo that you can do on your own, provided that you have access to a nearby flight of stairs or steep hill. Tom, in this case, used a Sandball overhead, performed a windmill, slammed it then ran up and down the stairs a bunch of times. Who said “cardio” had to be on a treadmill?

I hope you enjoy this electricity-free and environmentally-friendly, human-powered Strength Snack as much as Tom did (pssst, it’s lo-calorie, high-intensity, too).

Rough Drafts
I’m adding a subcategory to my video section that will feature commentary and uncut footage of some of the training that my athletes and myself, both live and practice.

The first installment, “Danger Is Fun” is pretty self-explanatory. If there’s no danger involved in anything we do, there will be no fun. Taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone not only builds character, leads to personal growth and self-righteousness and enlightenment, but is fun as hell!

Remember when you were a kid and used to roll down the hill, walk across unstable ledges and dart across the nearby street with uncoming traffic?

What happened? When did our lives become so boring?

Rough Draft: Danger Is Fun

Enjoy the fresh air, Strength Seekers.