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Got Lost In The Edit

posted by coach Jay D

It’s about 5 minutes to 1 in the morning and I just finished what I believe to be the end product of my labour of love. In other words, it’s a little DIY presentation/slideshow/montage featuring Friend’o'Mine, Spartan, Pupil, Zombie-slayer and JD Training Athlete: James Martinez.

It’s his wedding this upcoming Saturday and pretty much what we’ve been training towards over the past year. Once upon a time, James asked me to help him achieve his personal fat-loss goals and to make him look sexy for his big day.

He did that…and more.

Of course, looking sexy on your wedding day is a great goal to have, but training anyone merely to change the appearance of their flesh and superficial being just isn’t my style. In fact, goals like that mean very little to me as a strength coach and teacher if all of this training fails to change your mind, spirit and whole being, really.

So you lost some weight…did it change your state of mind?
Did it build your character?

Now that you’ve achieved a sense of self-worth and definition from a numerical value on a grimy old IKEA bathroom scale, do you see yourself still interested in Movement? What about Strength?

Will training be a part of your life, as important, if not, more important than sleep, work, eating, bathing and watching American Idol?

James Martinez doesn’t have to answer that, as I know he’s changed so much as a person over the last year.

I’m proud of you James, but I’ll save the speech and tears for Saturday.

In the meantime, stay tuned until next week, and I’ll hopefully have the montage up and online in its entirety.
For now, it’s under the wraps until Saturday night.

Im serious…don’t blink.

Adidas Goes Barefoot

posted by coach Jay D

When we talk barefoot, here at JD Training, we’re talking about having a strong and rooted connection to the earth – physically, spiritually and in homage to the primal animal that lives in each and every one of us.

Personally, I’m constantly thinking about how technology over the last century has worked to make and break our bodies.
Has modern technology in footwear, its cushioning, its material composition and design made us stronger or ultimately weaker?

When you see me wearing my Vibram 5fingers, my Converse All-Stars, my Nike Frees or even barefoot at the gym or outdoors, it has to do more with biomechanics than making a fashion statement, to be honest. And although I could go on and on passionately about how much I feel the modern cross-trainer/runner is the devil when it comes to strength training, I won’t (at least here…yet).

I just found it interesting that the tipping point in marketing barefoot footware (“barefoot footware” -the irony) has finally been reached. In a bid to counter Nike Free technology and a step towards barefootism, rival giant – Adidas is slated to release the Adipure Trainer M this November. According to
“Adidas, which is trying to expand in the US market where rival Nike dominates, is the latest athletic company to capitalize on the small but burgeoning market for so-called minimalist shoes. These shoes are a fraction of the $22 billion US athletic shoe industry, but sales of them have more than doubled in the past year. Those who wear the shoes say they force them to rely on the body’s natural movements and avoid injury. Critics say the shoes cause muscle injuries that running shoes do not…”
Get the full scoop here.

I guess only time will tell if Adidas’ Adipure holds true to the benefits of barefoot training or not. I’ll hold off, regardless, as my closet houses too many sneakers as is.

Read about training barefoot at T-Nation.

Learn about the barefoot running movement below…

Have A Strong Day.

Gear: Brooks Kubik’s “Dinosaur Training”

posted by coach Jay D

In a recent email newsletter from, Brooks Kubik’s “Dinosaur Training” was being showcased. This ancient text has an underground cult-following in the strength world as it acts as a bible for strength-seekers refusing to accept that big box gyms and their overpriced memberships are the only means of becoming the immortal gods and goddesses of iron that we were meant to be.

I won’t expose what the philosophy of “Dinosaur Training” is all about, as I’d be doing the text a great injustice in a mere blog post. Instead, I encourage you pick up a copy of your own and read an excerpt from the newsletter that I received. The newsletter pretty much serves as an appetizer of what to expect from the actual book written by Kubik:

Hi Jay,

I get a lot of young lifters ask me if I think they are training
like a “dinosaur”.

If their type of training would be looked on favorably by
Brooks Kubik.

That is, would they belong among the ranks of the “dinosaurs”?

Well, I can’t speak for Brooks…

But, when I get a question like this, I usually sit back in
my chair, think very carefully, and answer them something like

“Tell me, son…does any of this sound like you when you train:

If you do heavy squats on a power rack, but no dumbbell flyes
in a mirror…

You could be training like a dinosaur!

If you train at home in your basement, cellar, garage, or
back yard, but not at Planet Fitness…

You, may be a dinosaur!

If your gym has black equipment and cob webs, but no chrome
and ferns…

Sounds to me like you’re a dinosaur!

If you wear a cheap grey sweat suit with heavy leather shoes,
but not Spandex and Gucci sneakers…

Whoa, you may even look like a dinosaur!

If your gym has an Olympic bar, but no juice bar…

You’re most likely a thirsty dinosaur!

If the clothes you wear to the office match, but your barbell
plates don’t…

You, too, could be a dinosaur!

If your barbell plates are rusty, but not dusty…

You should be proud, because you’re a dinosaur!

If your hands wear chalk, but not gloves…

No doubt now, cause you’re a dinosaur!

If your home is well lit and air conditioned, but your gym

Don’t sweat it, you too, could be a dinosaur!

If you like the ring of a barbell as much as that of a
dinner bell…

You, too, could be a dinosaur!

If you eat like a horse, but train like a mule…

Looks to me like you’re a dinosaur!

If the barbell you press overhead weighs more than you do…

That proves to me that you’re a dinosaur!

If you hear grunting, groaning, screaming and yelling, but
no laughing…

Seriously, you’re a dinosaur!

If your training routine is simple and hard, but not
complicated and easy…

You, too, could be a dinosaur!

And last, but not least…

If use ‘old fashioned’, ‘out dated’ exercises like the old
time strong men, but get great results…

No doubt about it, you are a genuine dinosaur!”

Pick up your copy of “Dinosaur Training” by Brooks Kubik today.

B.Hop Kickin’ Science with Rashad

posted by coach Jay D

Although I missed it, last night’s UFC card, had Rashad Evans victorious in the main event over Tito Ortiz.

Just days before the fight, an interesting video of a locker room meeting between Bernard Hopkins and Rashad Evans was documented. Here, Hopkins’ holds an impromptu seminar on boxing with Rashad and reveals a few gems behind the Sweet Science and its application in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

B.Hop’s very insightful words talk about the importance of distancing, angles, leverage and even gives a nod to Bruce Lee and his footwork.

It’s all about the science of movement.

Enjoy The video below:

Gear: Demonbells (Ugly Beautiful)

posted by coach Jay D

There’s something about limited edition stuff that my generation is obsessed with. From the sneakers we wear, to the toys and models that grace our rooms and shelves, to the mixtapes or even latest salad dressing flavour, we love the idea of obtaining that one thing that not everyone can get their hands on or have access to, for that matter. In other words, the whole elitist mentality and exclusivity ideal feeds the heck out of our egos and has others green with envy.

I admit, I fall into the bottomless, dark pit of consumerism and at times, consider WANTS as greater importance over my NEEDS, but I’m only human, please forgive me. Take these kettlebells for example. Close friend and Strength Seeker, Dr. Clive notified me last week of “Demonbells”. These badass kettlebells are my latest obsession, and I have to get my hands on ‘em. ‘Just Have to.

Having and obtaining one, two or the entire set, would just rock my world. It’s not so much that I’d be using and abusing these in actual training; after all, we know I love to destroy my bells and oppositely, how I hate unused, pretty kettlebells (they lack character and threatening overtones). A set of these badboys (and badgirls) would fit nicely as art pieces once I open up my gym (stored securely in a bulletproof glass case, of course).

Anyhow, enough of my rambling, let the beauty of these gems speak for themselves.



About Demonbells
“Each piece in the DemonBell line started individually with an ornamental design inspired from various global and cultural influences. Through extensive testing and evaluation of working prototypes, we have finally produced the fully functional works of art you see here. Each directional weight carries its own unique modifications, from anatomically designed handle grips and specific weight distribution for balance, to specially angled backs to match forearm angles during snatch movements. We designed each DemonBell while paying as much attention to function as we did form.”

Visit for the rest of the set.

Demonbells. Ugly Beautiful.