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Just Do(ing) It…Right

posted by coach Jay D

At one point, both Under Armour and Lululemon were jockeying for my choice of sportswear, but both were shortly lived, as I’ve decided to forever stay true to my all time favourite brand, Nike.

With money, comes the ability and choice to hire the best sport scientists, designers, marketing team and have the best athletes endorse your product. Nike is a prime example of this – but there’s a bit more to their brand than just wearing whatever they put out. To me, Nike is a lifestyle, attitude and approach.

Just Do It…so simple and effective.
They’re so smart.

Here’s a little collection of Nike’s wrath that I’ve chosen to curate for all of you here at JD Training. They’ve impacted me as a Strength Coach and I hope they’ll motivate and impact you, too.

Efficiens Non Decorus + Athletics West
Recently I purchased a NSW shirt that caught my eye. It had “Efficiens Non Decorus”, splayed across it – which in Latin means, “Efficient Not for Decoration” or rather, “Efficient Not Pretty”.
I get quite a lot of head turns and questions whenever I’ve been wearing this shirt while training over the last few weeks, and It’s been quite the conversation fire starter.

The collection was released by Nike Sportswear to commemorate the vintage Athletics West approach to training that started it all for Nike.
Here’s a video that explains everything…

“Defiant. The Story of Athletics West”

Nike…a collection of hooligans that JD personally honours.


Nike Always On: P.K. Subban and Amaré Stoudemire
The great folks at Nike Sportswear have been putting out some online videos that showcase some of the finest athletes, not only doing their best – but during their daily living, whether that means hanging out with friends or training for the big game.
What you see on t.v. negates the fact that athletes not only train their asses off behind the scenes, but enjoy their leisure time, too.

Athletes are humans, too (right?).

“Always On: P.K. Subban”

“Always On: AmarĂ© Stoudemire”

Every Damn Day…
Just Do It.

Through Kru Brian Naidu’s Eyes

posted by coach Jay D

I love art. I can really appreciate the effort, process and interpretation put behind any piece. Maybe it’s a product of my oldest brother being heavily involved in art, maybe it’s the pisces in me, maybe I’m a visual learner, maybe I’m subconsciously striving to grow into some sort of art snob (I doubt that). Whatever the case, amongst the great gifts that my athletes have given me this year for Christmas – including the cakes, candies, books and cards, good friend and Strength Seeker, Kru Brian opted to give me his art.

A few months ago, I led him through a training session that included some mobility + kettlebell work. Of course, in training, nothing beats physically doing something, but it’s always easier to take notes whenever learning, and a good sketch here and there never hurt’nobody!

Here’s his work:

Once I saw a text image of this directly from his notes, I knew I had to have them – whether by asking politely or stealing, somehow, I just had to have ‘em. Thanks brother, Brian.

One day, these will grace the walls of my own gym.
Until then, I’ll keep them away from danger and zombies.

Back From My Travels

posted by coach Jay D

Whenever Lucille Ball would mess up on the vintage show, “I Love Lucy”, her husband, Ricky Ricardo would exclaim to her with his Cuban accent, “Lucccccy, you got some’splaining to do!”

How dare I post (below) before explaining myself, my absence from and all of its branches (Twitter, Facebook etc.).

To My Beloved Tribe of Strength Seekers, I was away on vacation, touring through Spectacular Southeast Asia.

Although it was my second time venturing through Thailand since ’06, I also added Malaysia and Singapore into the mix, this time around. The food was great, the shopping was too, and the weather was hot and humid, as anticipated.

Did that stop me from training? Of course not.

Other than doing my bodyweight exercises, density training drills and yoga asanas, while my travel buddy Colin left the guesthouse room, I was also able to stumble upon and do a little Strength Seeking at a local “Health Park” in Bangkok (See video above)

It’s great to be back, all.
And although I had a great time with my Rest and Recreation, Training is where my heart is.
Let’s pick up where we left off and get down to business, shall we?

A vacation from work isn’t a vacation from movement. This is a lifestyle.

Think of me as your swift kick in the ass that’ll give you a little momentum coming into 2012.

Have A Strong Year.

References for Men Evolved

posted by coach Jay D

Being the youngest of 3 brothers, there would always be the latest issue of “Men’s Health” or “Details” Magazine lying around the house. You see, my brothers could’ve subscribed or purchased “GQ” or “MuscleMag”, but I guess for them, “Details” and “Men’s Health” were magazines for ‘normal’ men, while the “GQs” and “MuscleMags” were for the polar enthusiasts of fashion and fitness, respectively.

Over the years, whenever at Wal-Mart or the local pharmacy, I’ve managed to skim through the latest issues of each magazine – in an attempt to stay connected to what’s going on, currently, in the Male world of fashion and health.

It’s interesting how the lines have been blurred in each magazine’s respective content. “MH” was once upon a time, fully dedicated to nutrition, exercise and men’s sexual and general health. Now, more than 1/3rd of the content is geared towards fashion and technology.

“Details”, on the other hand was wholeheartedly touted as a text focused on fashion and articles pertaining to lifestyle. Nowadays, it’s comforting to see that they dedicate more than a few pages to “Health and Fitness”. The times are a changing and being a man in today’s world encompasses not only dressing and having the etiquette of a gentlemen, but eating, moving and caring for your personal male health, just the same. Kudos to both magazines, respectively.

Evolve or die, right?…rather, evolve as a publication or go bankrupt just the same.

The latest edition of “Details” features Jeremy Renner on the cover and is worth a skim or even a purchase. Not to preoccupy myself with with how to spicy up a black tie in your wardrobe, more than the “Health and Fitness” section, this month’s Details Magazine features pieces on:

- Adam Levine’s (Maroon 5) Experience with Yoga
(Read here)

- The Perfect Exercise: The Burpee Pullup
(Read here)

- As Seen on TV: Rating the Informercials (Exercise videos, gadgets and gimmicks)

Always read whenever you can.
Have A Strong Day.