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Anatomy of an Athlete Exhibit

posted by coach Jay D

What better time and place to hold such an exhibit, other than during The Olympic Summer Games in London?

A Perfect Marriage between Art and Science.
Anatomy Of An Athlete‘ at Huntertin Museum, Opened on March 13th, 2012, and runs until September 29,2012.

Anyone have hookups on flights to London?????

An Illustrated History of Olympic Gymnastics

posted by coach Jay D

I personally love solo sport. I’ll be following Gymnastics, Track & Field, Diving, Weightlifting and Wrestling during this year’s summer games in London.

Here, you can find an “Illustrated History of Olympic Gymnastics”.

[1928 Olympics. Team Gymnastics Event]

[Uneven Bars]

I guess Gymnastics at one point, was a Team Event. I did not know that.

“Gait” as a Movement Category

posted by coach Jay D

As I refine, define and re-define my personal training philosophy, the way I look at how to train the body is ever-changing just the same.

For years, I’ve been a student of the “treat the body as one piece” school. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule – pending if your goals are hypertrophy/muscle growth in a particular muscle or muscle group or if you’re working in the name of muscle groups that “assist” in lifting. These are usually trained to balance out any imbalance in the name of prehab/rehab or simply to strengthen any ‘weak links’ not being given enough attention when performing Big(ger) Lifts.

But back to my personal training philosophy; my personal favourite Strength Coaches have their own unique ‘Movement Categories’ – ranging from “Hip/Knee Dominant” to “Push”, “Pull”, or even more speficially, Movement actions as they relate to Directional Planes. These are often stated as, “Vertical Push” or “Horizontal Push”, with their complementary movements being “Vertical Pull” and “Horizontal Pull” respectively.

I haven’t named my own Movement Categories in a previous post on the site, YET, but I’d like to briefly discuss one of them: Gait.

As we focus on lifting barbells, kettlebells, Medicine balls, Kegs, Sandbags, Clubs or Heavy Stones, we often perform such actions statically, or without locomoting/moving our bodies. We often stay in one spot – Point A.

I feel that as humans, we’re a bit more advanced than that.
Let’s go from Point A to Point B…C…K…and beyond. Let’s see what’s beyond Z!

“Gait”, I feel, should be an important Movement Category added to everyone’s training, Whether as A Max Lift for time or distance or present in your General Physical Preparedness. Lifting a heavy object is one thing, but lifting a heavy object and moving with it – via dragging, pushing or carrying (overhead, on our backs or in our hands) is a totally different animal all together.

“Gait” not only challenges the core and spinal muscles, but gives us an opportunity in the training world to learn more about ourselves and how we can apply our bodies ‘out there’ in the real world.

Let’s face it, most herniated discs or thrown-out backs occur outside of the gym, from lifting something as minuscule as a paperclip or golfball. It’s not necessarily the mass of the load being lifted, but the technique of the lift, itself.

What I’m trying to profess through my training, without getting too involved with simply being a lesson on “how to lift”, is how you can use your body in real world settings without dying or breaking your back.

“Gait”, as a lot of my JD Training athletes have told me – is important during grocery shopping, luggage carrying or towing while spiriting through an airport, carrying small children, or moving landscaping materials during the summer months. “Gait” may or may not make you sexy, but it’s sure one helluva workout and lesson in strength that’s been absent in our training diets for eons.

Below is a brief Strength Snack featuring JD Training Athlete, Grant. The simplicity of first Picking up an 80lb Sandbag, carrying it for distance and back, then following up with a moderately loaded Prowler are movements that have been part of our genetic fibre since the beginning of mankind.

Here, is some simple Car Pushing (As if you thought just because you have a CAA/AAA membership you were excused?!)

“Gait”. A brief discussion on the topic.
Have A Strong Day.

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes: Skechers Shape Ups $40M Lawsuit

posted by coach Jay D

We live in a world that’s fast-paced. At times, everything moves at a rate beyond our personal comprehension and enjoyment.

Although we have the highest form of mobile technology at our personal disposal, our ability to communicate on a personal level is dying.
We surf the net and jockey a desk all day long, but is this abundance of information really being absorbed?
Work hours are extended, overtime is utilized but we’re not getting quality sleep, either.
No problem, have a coffee. Coffee doesn’t work? Grab a 5 hour Energy Drink. Problem-Solved.

Can’t lose weight? No Time to Train? Get on a machine that vibrates and contracts and energizes your body for you. No thought or action required.
Maybe that requires too much commitment – we’ll just wear body stockings, girdles or clothing that form and shape our bodies they way we desire them.
Maybe you want a more long term solution…plastic surgery might be just what you’re looking for.

Point is: we live in a fast-paced world where we need fast results.

I guess footware company Skechers did their research and listened to your demands.
Here are some pieces surrounding “Shape Ups”:

[Bye Bye Trainer? Say it ain't so, Kim]

[Not you, too, Brooke!!]

Recently, Skechers had to take a step back on their claims and benefits regarding “Shape Ups”.
In fact, they have to pay $40M as a result of their claims (Read About It).

Well, I’ll be damI guess the biggest bang for your buck, isn’t really the biggest bang, after all.

Truth: There is no quick-fix or easy-way to get lean and strong. You have to eat right.
You have to make training + movement part of your every day life.

Remember, Strength Seekers, In training, as in all other areas of life —
Anything worth having requires hard work.
Respect and know this universal law.

Olympian Gymnast Sheds Light On Her Weight

posted by coach Jay D

Body image can sometimes be a huge factor in sport.
Figure skating, Dance, Diving and of course, Gymnastics all fall under this umbrella.

If an athlete can perform, should it really matter how they look?
Does it really matter how they look?
Should we expect Athletes to not have normal lives outside of sport?

Shawn Johnson, after her 25lb weight loss, speaks out on the matter…

“At my heaviest all the tabloids said some pretty hurtful things,” said Johnson, who lost 25 pounds since launching an Olympic comeback. After three years away from international competition, Johnson, 20, is hoping to compete in London this summer.

Johnson said people were accustomed to seeing her with 6% total body fat. They weren’t used to seeing Johnson look like a normal chocolate cake, ice-cream eating teenager….Read More

“You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself.”
― Geneen Roth, Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

Have A Strong Day, All. Love Yourself.