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The “Knees Out” Cue (A Crossfit Debate)

posted by coach Jay D

Friend and Athlete Shawn B. put me up on this debate from the Crossfit Channel.
I know I know…and yes, you know…you know…don’t get me started on Crossfit.


Once checked out, however, I realized that two JD Approved + respectable people in the training world – Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD and “Becoming A Supple Leopard“, along with Lon Kilgore, Co-Author of “Starting Strength“, were on the panel discussing the PRO side of “Knees Out” as a cue for squatting.

It’s a great 30 minute piece for coaches/trainers and especially the layman/laywoman trying to understand all of this madness.

What’s my take, you ask?
I, myself, teach and coach the Squat; bodyweight or Skeleton-loaded (with a bar/sandbag), using cues such as: “knees out” and “Spread the Floor” and “fall between your knees” and “A-B-Duct (Abduct)” cues where necessary.

All panelists bring great points to the table. But ultimately, I feel that “Knees Out” is a great cue for most of the population that tends to lose hip stability and buckle their knees inward during the bottom position of the squat. The problem, obviously with any cue when used as a guideline or gospel in a book, is that there is no coach there with you.

There’s nobody to correct or give you the thumbs up.
Therefore, cues and guidelines are often left open for interpretation by the reader. I mean look at the Bible – people have been debating its messaging and even dying over it since the beginning of time.
What’s right? What’s wrong?

Where does this leave the elite level athlete?
Where does this leave the beginner?

2 very different starting and end points, unfortunately, and that’s the problem with relying on a book or video to teach you.

Will I use, “Knees Out” when necessary and coaching my athletes. YES.
Will it be misinterpreted if read in a book, watched on YouTube, read in a blog post. CERTAINLY.

Should anyone ever rely on a book to teach them Movement?
Sure, but not entirely.
And, Sure, but only after double-checking with a trained eye and coach.
‘Matter of fact, you can contact me and I’ll be free to assess your squat position – FREE OF CHARGE.

I just want you to…
Evolve or Die.

Have a Strong Day.

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