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Ask JD: Are Flip Flops Bad to Wear?

posted by coach Jay D

First and foremost, HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Back to the answer:
Yes, Flip Flops are terrible to wear.

I know it’s summer and your feet get sweaty and that summer breeze on your feet brings you back to a Jamaican shore.

I understand that every flip-flop colour imaginable is available at Old Navy on sale, currently and you can get a wearable colour for every day of the week.

I totally get that they’re easy to slip on and slip off whenever and wherever you’d like…

But flip-flops are terrible. Plain and simple.

On one hand, they lack proper support if you’re coming from the non-minimalis (i.e. maximum arch support) footwear school of thought.
On the other hand, if you’re seeking minimalist footwear, then obviously – this isn’t the minimalism you need due to a thin and flimsy false padding.

But it goes beyond that biomechanically as Mobility WOD god, Kelly Starrett, breaks down how the thong in a thong-slipper flip-flop is causing direct and referred pain beyond your wildest dreams.

Like he says, if you’re serious about taking your fish oils, hydration levels, position and poundage on the bar, then scrapping the vintage flip-flop from your summer wardrobe is a huge step towards healthy and strong living.

Do your actions fall in line with your goals?
Evolve or Die.

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Odd Exercises for Physical Vigor From an Oldtime Strongman

posted by coach Jay D

Although the accessibility of new fitness, exercise and training rituals and programs are faster than they’ve ever been in history via the internet, there’s nothing quite like going back in time and reading about how the Strength Community of yesteryear sought and found their strength.

Thanks to Art of Manliness, here’s a great article showcasing a few odd exercises to increase ‘Physical Vigor’.

A perfect “To-Do” for anyone’s morning – somewhere before your morning run, yet after your ‘Sun Salutation’.
Enjoy the timelessness.

Odd Exercises for Physical Vigor: An Oldtime Strongman’s 15-Minute Routine

Have A Strong Day.

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The “2 Minute” and “5 Minute” Rules of Defeating Procrastination

posted by coach Jay D

The 2 and 5 Minute Rules of getting stuff done has been around awhile, apparently.
Unfortunately, I only recently heard about them. I guess someone out there was procrastinating on getting this wisdom and word out to me.
Let me share this with you…

The 2 Minute Rule of Defeating Procrastination (Starting)
One variation of this rule is to simply start a task that you’ve been putting off. In other words, whatever you’ve been pushing to get started on “later”, MUST be started within the next 2 minutes.

This concept is brewed in Newton’s Law of Motion that, “An object in motion will stay in motion.”
You are the object. Now start that damn task and motion and don’t stop.

The 2 minute rule is great because it tackles our laziness by simply starting our dreaded task. That really is often the hardest part – STARTING. Whether it’s training, savings, work or relationship-related, start your task the moment you think of doing in within a 2 minute window.

You’ll be surprised that you’ll probably end up finishing in one shot.

The 5 Minute Rule of Defeating Procrastination (Consistency/Repetition)
The 5 minute rule is usually reserved for larger projects and longer term goals.
The 5 minute rule demands that you dedicate 5 minutes towards working on your task. Once 5 minutes is up, it’s up.
Really. Honestly. After 5 minutes, STOP! Whether finished or not, STOP!!

Thereafter, dedicate 5 minutes here, 5 minutes more there and 5 minutes more later on or even tomorrow.
The beauty of this that you’re being consistent and chipping away at your goal. You’re taking little steps and progressing.

This concept is brewed in Psychology’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
Being consistent at a thing and working on it slowly in increments eventually leads to a larger picture; a larger goal and ultimately, success.

These 2 rules might seem like little things and overly-simplified, but that’s the beauty of it; It’s DOABLE and you’re already making strides further than you were doing nothing and procrastinating in the first place.

Get Started and Be Consistent.
These are the lessons of the “2 Minute Rule” and the “5 Minute Rule”.

Evolve or Die.

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