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Overcoming Laziness (Sloth)

posted by coach Jay D

Strength Seekers, in training, as in eating well, as in sleeping, as in studying, as in saving money and investing – it gets hard.
Shoot, Life is hard.

Sometimes, we get lazy. I’m not really sure what steps we took to carve out this path of Sloth, but I’ll share a powerful video and concept that’ll hopefully light a fire underneath your ass and get you going.

Here, the SealFit Coach + Commander, Mark Divine breaks down, Laziness as, “A Feeling of Incompetence”.
He also breaks down what to do about it through 4 of the following progressive levels:

- Ignorant to your lack of “suck”/lack of skill and ability
- subconscious fear (expressed through Laziness)

- addressing the need for improvement
- acknowledging, “I really need some work and help here, but that’s ok…where to next/what to do next?”
- Mental and Moral Courage Development

- “Embrace The Suck”; soldiers in the Gulf War used this term sardonically as a coping mechanism to deal with/embrace a bad situation (aka, “Suck it up!)
- Confidence Development
- Out of Lazy Cycle + Into Success Cycle
- Commitment
- Doing the Steps required to get to your goal consistently

- Not realizing how great your skill set has become
- humbly doing a thing; not posturing or being Egocentric/Ego-Driven (“I workout! Look at me! Instagram it!”)
- Life Changing + Life Long

Hopefully, a brief understanding of where we fall within this continuum helps you as much as it helps me.
Evolve or Die.

The Importance of a Warm Up

posted by coach Jay D

The title of this entry might sound almost too elementary, but considering how cold it is this winter, here in Canada and much of North America, I felt it’d be fitting to explain the actual “Importance of a Warm Up” in the context of training…just in case you forgot.

The Warm Up part of your training is, in my opinion, equally, if not MORE important than the actual training, itself.

A Warm Up is and should be performed in order to…well….WARM UP.
But there’s a bit more to it than simply going through a bunch of obligatory movements before training.

As stated above, a warm up, especially if you’re coming in to train from the workplace at lunch, after work or to start your day (minutes out of bed), is to elevate your body’s temperature.

To train or compete cold, places your body and its individual organ systems in a really bad place. Muscles aren’t as pliable as they should be; pains and soreness haven’t been managed through foam rolling release and mobility; the skin and bones, alike, simply aren’t as effective in their operations and functions as they could be when brittle or cold; the heart and nervous system hasn’t gradually built up their contraction rates and firing capacities.

Warm Ups set you up to throw down. No matter what bullshit you’ve been dealt with prior to your training session/competition – whether that be a bad day, bills, traffic, personal matters, relationships or zombie outbreaks, you can’t and shouldn’t simply jump into your lifting or sport. You’re not mentally there; you’re somewhere else.

Moving, and literally grooving into your activity gradually, will set you into the right frame of mind, whether Rage Against The Machine is playing over the background speakers or not. Moving kickstarts and reinforces your mind to be ready; “Readiness”.

Both of these reasons are the byproducts of the Temperature and Mental Elevations briefly mentioned above.
If you want to hit your PR (Personal Record) on a lift or Score the best you can in your sport, then you better be in the best optimal state that you could be via setting the tone, both mentally and physically.

Competition aside, What about Health?
Don’t wanna break your back on a lift, dislocate a few important joints, have a seizure, asthma or heart attack?
Move slowly and gradually build up your tempo.

At the end of the day, as a Strength Coach, for myself and my athletes, I ultimately use the Warm Up to “Activate”; to elevate you and have you ‘here’ in the moment; in a given point and time.
Yes, it prevents injuries, yes, I need you to perform better than last, but really, I need you to leave all of your troubles behind and be INTO the training – mind and body right now. Here.

You do that, and you WILL perform at your best in the gym and outside in the real world.

It’s a pretty heavy concept that I’ll challenge all of you to explore in your own training for decades to come and I’ll be reflecting on the Warm Up more and more in future posts.

In the meantime, here are a few Movement Snacks/Movement Meditations/Movement Expressions/Warm Ups that I think you should go to as your “Go-To”.

Evolve or Die.

Movember: Move

posted by coach Jay D

Movember is just around the corner, and if you’ve spotted me at the head of your class, or in a one-on-one setting, just the same, then you’ve caught my face-fur harvesting in progress. This lack of contact with my razor, is all a means of setting the groundwork for Movember, when I’ll be raising funds towards Prostate Cancer Research, as well as doing everything in my power to create an awareness towards men’s health. My moustache, during this time will literally and symbolically, change the face of Men’s Health, while creating awareness and solidarity surrounding the matter.

One of the initiatives in this year’s Movember 2013, is MOVE.

MOVE is pretty much a call to arms for all Mo’Bros and Mo’Sistahs supporting the Movember Movements. It demands that each and every one of us, literally “Move” – in all forms.

In other words, it’s physical activity; it’s MOVEMENT; something that will make all of our lives that much better in quality and hopefully, longer.

I, therefore challenge all of you, men and women Strength Seekers out there to get off your asses at some point for duration of Movember and Move.
Move Daily.
Move Strongly.
Move with Vigor and Passion.

Watch the video below for details + Stay Twuned to all of JD Training’s Social Media for tips and propaganda surrounding this very important Movement next month…

Evolve or Die.

JD List: 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Monday

posted by coach Jay D

Get some sleep. I’m talking 6-8hrs. Make a Point to scrap your mobile devices and internet connections before sleep.
Power them off and store away or Charge, if needed.
Turn off your TVs and Radios, just the same.
Books are OK, but make sure you give yourself an absolute cut off time when reading; “Harry Potter” can get pretty involved, I know.

Get up Early. If you’re waiting until the last moment to really push your sleep time, shower time, eat time and travel time, you’re screwed. Give yourself time, it’s the best gift that you could ever praise yourself with. You’ll have an extra moment to yourself. Plan your day here. Prep your meals and food, here. Meditate. Recite Positive Affirmations. Listen to your favourite iTunes Playlist. If not, at the very least, give yourself 10 minutes that belong to YOU doing whatever you can claim as “You Time”. Uninterrupted.

I never classify Hikes or Leisure walks as part of a “training” regimen. I won’t even claim that I do it for personal fitness improvement. Really, this morning ritual is for mental clarity and re-connecting with Nature and our surroundings. Ask yourself how well do you know your neighbourhood? Sure, you drive through it every day; sure you grew up there or have been raising your kids there, but when was the actual last time that you turned a certain corner on foot, or walked through the local park of suburbia?! Listen and watch how the animals on your block Live. Let the Sunrise inspire and motivate you, just the same.

Mondays should be dedicated to Green Smoothies (some sort of leafy greens, limes/limewater and whatever you think of that’s green, but not from your nose), as they’ll detox and alkanize your blood after all of the binge drinking, sugary, salty, meaty and fatty indulgence that took place from Friday to Sunday night. It’s a tune up for your body. Lots and lots of Ice is key here. Make’em thicker than my eyebrows.

It’s a War.
Time can be both our friend (as stated in #2 of this list) or our biggest Enemy.
Don’t expect to get anything done without a written plan. Sounds stupid, but is it really? I’m not talking about detailed mapped precision, here. I’m talking about a hard copy, paper journal or calendar. It can be Nutrition, Training or really Life-related. You do it in Business for meetings, why wouldn’t you do it where it counts most – Your personal life? Randomized Living = Randomized Results. Know this Truth.

Have A Strong Monday.
Evolve or Die.

You Have The Getting Ready (To Get Ready) Syndrome

posted by coach Jay D

Like saving money, fitness, health, exercise and eating healthy are all the same.

The problem with our thinking is that we see too much of the hurdles and effort required to achieve all of the above.

In saving money, we believe that we have to save 100s or 1000s of dollars at a time. We feel we have to pay just the same amount of cash, effort and attention towards our debts and loans.

The same can be said for health and fitness-oriented goals in life.

If we’re overfat, seemingly “unfit” or lacking in core strength and range of motion, we view the climb in all of its entirety.

Before even getting started, we mistakingly forecast and waste our time looking at the pitfalls of weekend junk food binge eating, birthdays and cake, late nights spent during overtime at work and lack of time to prepare food, that are ahead. We think of the cost of “healthy groceries” and where that money might better spent towards. We look at the early hours we’ll have to set our alarm clocks to, just in order to get up and reach the gym to actually exercise and train. We then wonder, “what’s the point?…why even bother?…”

Fact of the matter is, this is what I call “Getting Ready (To Get Ready) Symdrome”.
It falls in line with a Self-Defeatist attitude.

We’re taking too long expecting perfect conditions, circumstances and alignment of the stars to start doing what we ought to be doing immediately.

Friends and Strength-Seekers, whether it’s landing your dream career or vacation or having that perfect healthy, fit and capable body, just get started on the path NOW. I mean physially, actively and aggressively — start ACTION now.

It sounds cliche, but Nike had it right with their marketing campaign, commanding you to “Just Do It.”
They never said, “Just Ponder It” or “Just Analyze It” or “Just Wait For It” or even “Just Cost-Benefit Analysis It”, for good reason…it’d never get you actually started in Movement and Training, or better yet, on the path towards your goals.

A dollar a day counts and goes way further than waiting for that perfect time to suddenly find $10,000 in your bank account.

Cutting back just 1/2 of your grains at lunch and dinner, replacing them with whole, natural foods, like fruits and veggies or even quality protein, will have tons more of an effect than trying to buy the most perfect organic, free-range, hormone-free, sustainable groceries, supplements, cooking utensils, books and classes en route to eating “clean” (whatever that Hell that means, nowadays).

Getting your ass up, actually, better yet – Jumping your ass out of bed, into your car and starting your Joint Mobility Work at the gym before your training session will kick start your day. Get FIRED UP.

Refer to this post, constantly.

Believe me.

The Mind and Body work together; synergistically and symbiotically.
Yes, Mind over Matter;
Yes, strive to be mentally tougher than physically tough, but don’t ever discount the body’s ability to literally and figuratively “move” the brain and mind.

Every horse starts wild, before they’re trained to pull a carriage.
Let the horse pull the carriage and let the mind take the reigns once in motion. Both are required for action.

It’s what I promote during your low and high points of training,
and it’s one Hell of a powerful concept.

Stop getting ready to get ready. Stop being paralyzed while wasting time to analyze.
The timing will never be perfect. Ever.

Start Action Now.

Small pieces of the puzzle everyday add up and create the bigger picture, friends.

Evolve or Die.

Hypnosis Trick 200% More Effective Than Willpower

posted by coach Jay D

When I think of of hypnosis, i think of pendulum clocks, cheap ugly suits and greasy haircuts. I think of people moving around like chickens in gymnasiums and others barking like dogs on all fours.

I’m wrong and outdated in this area of thought.

Here’s a great video that you can use, related to hypnosis, our subconsciousness, physiology and outlook.

The hypnotherapist here provides you with a short and effective exercise that you can use immediately to help you not only understand between the mind and body; our psychology and physiology, but also help you achieve an optimal state of mind. This mind state and really, “body state”, will have you achieving your fitness, nutritional, relationship and financial goals.

If I shared it, I felt it was life-changing.

It just might save your life.
Evolve or Die.

Garret’s Fight ESPN

posted by coach Jay D

Garret faces more challenges, daily, than we could ever dream of or understand in our entire lives.

Garret has Down Syndrome. But i don’t think that’s a shortcoming for him or anyone with special needs at all.
I think we have shortcomings.
We let our fears get the best of us all too often. We are scared of failing so we don’t even try.

Garret has dreams and he follows through in his dreams.

Watch his video to reconsider your current situation and life inside and outside of training.
A 14 minute video might save your life.

Have A Strong Day.

More knowledge From Martin Rooney

posted by coach Jay D

On Getting Started.

Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready.
Take Action. Start now. Do something.

Lessons From a Lion Tamer

posted by coach Jay D

I recently watched a speech by Strength Coach and Motivator, Martin Rooney of Training for Warriors. He was speaking on the subject of inspiration, motivation and ultimately, what it takes to focus folks that are unfocused.

He used an example of the “chair vs the lion”.
You see, a chair is the best tool to tame a lion. For years it’s been this way and for years moving forward, it’ll remain the same.
Not even a whip can tame a lion better than a chair.


As simple as it is, a chair has separate legs, rather than one point…of focus.
This paralyzes the lion as he can’t figure out which leg to focus his energy on as it approaches closer and closer.

The same can be said about us humans and attempting to achieve goals – nutrition, training, work or relationship related.

It’s all the same.

When you try and dedicate your energy towards too many things at once, it’s simply overwhelming.
Focus on things you can do and accomplish. Start small and be consistent.

As you progress, you’ll find and realize that success builds off of success.
Step by step by step.

Think about the Chair Vs. Lion as you attack your day and goals.
Evolve or Die.

The Birthday Sale!

posted by coach Jay D

I’m 31 today and I’m throwing a huge sale in appreciation + thanks for all of your support + strength over the years.

Today until Sunday, I’m extending my family rate of $50/private session for everyone!

Email (, Tweet or Inbox me to book your sessions now!
Have A Strong Day.