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June + July (Re)schedule

posted by coach Jay D

July is a busy month for all, including myself.
Here’s a revised schedule and make up dates for the next couple of weeks to all of those moving and seeking strength in our lunch class.

Sorry for any inconvenience, my Ninjas.
See you there.

You Have The Getting Ready (To Get Ready) Syndrome

posted by coach Jay D

Like saving money, fitness, health, exercise and eating healthy are all the same.

The problem with our thinking is that we see too much of the hurdles and effort required to achieve all of the above.

In saving money, we believe that we have to save 100s or 1000s of dollars at a time. We feel we have to pay just the same amount of cash, effort and attention towards our debts and loans.

The same can be said for health and fitness-oriented goals in life.

If we’re overfat, seemingly “unfit” or lacking in core strength and range of motion, we view the climb in all of its entirety.

Before even getting started, we mistakingly forecast and waste our time looking at the pitfalls of weekend junk food binge eating, birthdays and cake, late nights spent during overtime at work and lack of time to prepare food, that are ahead. We think of the cost of “healthy groceries” and where that money might better spent towards. We look at the early hours we’ll have to set our alarm clocks to, just in order to get up and reach the gym to actually exercise and train. We then wonder, “what’s the point?…why even bother?…”

Fact of the matter is, this is what I call “Getting Ready (To Get Ready) Symdrome”.
It falls in line with a Self-Defeatist attitude.

We’re taking too long expecting perfect conditions, circumstances and alignment of the stars to start doing what we ought to be doing immediately.

Friends and Strength-Seekers, whether it’s landing your dream career or vacation or having that perfect healthy, fit and capable body, just get started on the path NOW. I mean physially, actively and aggressively — start ACTION now.

It sounds cliche, but Nike had it right with their marketing campaign, commanding you to “Just Do It.”
They never said, “Just Ponder It” or “Just Analyze It” or “Just Wait For It” or even “Just Cost-Benefit Analysis It”, for good reason…it’d never get you actually started in Movement and Training, or better yet, on the path towards your goals.

A dollar a day counts and goes way further than waiting for that perfect time to suddenly find $10,000 in your bank account.

Cutting back just 1/2 of your grains at lunch and dinner, replacing them with whole, natural foods, like fruits and veggies or even quality protein, will have tons more of an effect than trying to buy the most perfect organic, free-range, hormone-free, sustainable groceries, supplements, cooking utensils, books and classes en route to eating “clean” (whatever that Hell that means, nowadays).

Getting your ass up, actually, better yet – Jumping your ass out of bed, into your car and starting your Joint Mobility Work at the gym before your training session will kick start your day. Get FIRED UP.

Refer to this post, constantly.

Believe me.

The Mind and Body work together; synergistically and symbiotically.
Yes, Mind over Matter;
Yes, strive to be mentally tougher than physically tough, but don’t ever discount the body’s ability to literally and figuratively “move” the brain and mind.

Every horse starts wild, before they’re trained to pull a carriage.
Let the horse pull the carriage and let the mind take the reigns once in motion. Both are required for action.

It’s what I promote during your low and high points of training,
and it’s one Hell of a powerful concept.

Stop getting ready to get ready. Stop being paralyzed while wasting time to analyze.
The timing will never be perfect. Ever.

Start Action Now.

Small pieces of the puzzle everyday add up and create the bigger picture, friends.

Evolve or Die.

Ain’t No Party Like A Fitness Party

posted by coach Jay D

The current trend in many gyms nowadays is to hold “Fitness Parties”. Kicking back a few beers, having a slice or five of some cake and getting down on a dance floor all night before barfing and getting ejected from a club are all great things, but they’re not the only things.

There’s more to do on your birthday, and what better way to celebrate than having a Strength Throwdown with your friends?

I’ve held “Spartan Groom + Bachelor War Parties” + “Bridal Bootcamps”, but I’m always here to offer group and tribe training for whatever the occasion.

Maybe it’s your birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Circumcision or Arrival of your 2012 tax return. Maybe you’re having a fat-loss contest at work or are looking for an alternative to corporate “Team Building” outside of a night of bowling and knitting.
Drop me a line and book Coach JD for some good ol’ fashioned, vintage Strength.

Read More about “Fitness Parties”, here.

The Birthday Sale!

posted by coach Jay D

I’m 31 today and I’m throwing a huge sale in appreciation + thanks for all of your support + strength over the years.

Today until Sunday, I’m extending my family rate of $50/private session for everyone!

Email (, Tweet or Inbox me to book your sessions now!
Have A Strong Day.

What We Did: Week of 3.4.13

posted by coach Jay D

It’s March and that marks the start of a new month and Benchmark Week. Here’s What we did in our Monday and Wednesday Classes at Fuel Fitness.

Benchmark Workout

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 12 Minutes of
OH Press x10
Goblet Squat x10
Squat Thrust x10
Jump Rope x100

Benchmark PRs

Rod 5 Rds (25#)
Brant 4 Rds + 1 Squat Thrust (25#)
Donna 3 Rds + 15 Skips
Wendy 4 Rds + 62 Skips (8#)
Rod G. 5 Rds + 6 Skips (30#)
Alex 6 Rds + 10 Goblet Squats (30#)
Shawn 5 Rds + 4 Goblet Squats (30#)
Julia 4 Rds + 50 Skips (10#)
Donna K. 6 Rds + 5 Goblet Squats (15# + 20#)
Jane 5 Rds + 10 OH Press (10#)
Jerry 5 Rds + 60 Skips (20#)
Misha 5 Rds + 50 Skips (10#)


Benchmark Workout

5 Rounds AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
Record Time when finished:

Deck Squat x10
2H KB Swings x20
OH Press x10
Mountain Climbs x20

Benchmark PRs
Jerry 11:56 (25#)
Misha 12:25 (8kg)
Janet 12:15 (8kg)

*Re-test = Last Week of March***

What We Did: Week of 1.28.13

posted by coach Jay D

It was Benchmark Week in all of my classes, where we not only set new benchmarks and personal records, but re-tested our old ones. Here’s what we did in our Conditioning Classes and Kettlebell Classes.

Great Work to all who smashed through their PRs this week. New Tests and Benchmarks will be Set 1st Week of March so BE READY…for whatever.
Can’t wait to take this fight outdoors.

Fuel Fitness Interval Conditioning Class
Monday 1.28.13

A) Warm Up/Joint Mobility

B) Benchmark Test/Re-Test
Max numbers of:
BW Squats x60s
Rest 60s

Push Ups x60s
Rest 60s

Crawlouts x60s
Rest 60s

Jump Rope/Squat Thrust x60s
Rest 90s

Record #reps/round

(1.28.13) PRs
Squats Rd 1,2
Jane 34,44
Rod 38,47
Donna 24,30
Fil 24,25
Doug 23,34

Push Ups/Squat Thrusts Rd 1,2
Jane (ST) 21,18
Rod 49, 38
Donna 16, 21
Fil 18, 20
Doug 26, 24

Crawlouts Rd 1,2
Jane 11,12
Rod 9,8
Donna 3,3
Fil 6,6
Doug 6,7

Jump Rope Rd 1,2
Jane 144,160
Rod 58, 58
Donna 65,80
Fil 92,101
Doug 50,85

C) Spine/Core


Fuel Fitness Kettlebell Class
Tuesday 1.29.13

A) Warm Ups/Joint Mobility

B) Benchmark Test
60s Work: 60s Rest
Performing Max Reps of the following Movements in 2 Non-Stop Rounds:

2H Swings


Push Press


PRs (1.29.13)

2HS Rd 1,2
Oliver 40,40
Jordan 38,44
Olivia 40,41
Issy 40,42
Greg 43,48
Jenny 40,35

Burpee Rd 1,2
Oliver 21,17
Jordan 14,14
Olivia 13,14
Issy 9,13
Greg 12,10
Jenny 12,12

Push Press Rd 1,2
Oliver 30,26
Jordan 31,37
Olivia 19,20
Issy 30,35
Greg 32,37
Jenny 22,23

Crawlouts Rd 1,2
Oliver 10,14
Jordan 12,15
Olivia 12,16
Issy 12,15
Greg 9,13
Jenny 10,13

C) Pistol Press Practice

D) Spine/Core


Fuel Fitness Interval Conditioning Class
Wednesday 1.30.13

A) Warm Up/Joint Mobility

B) Benchmark Test
12 Minute Density Training
AMRAP in 12 Mins of:

2H Overhead Swings x10

2H Clean and Press x10

Burpees x10

Record #Rds + #Reps. Re-test in 2-4 weeks

PRs (1.30.13)
Fil 6R+10 C&P (12#)
Donna A. 8R (8kg)
Jane 5R+10 C&P (10kg)
Misha 4R (20#)
Shawn B. 5R+10 2HS (35#)
Erica 3R (20#)
Julia 5R (10kg)
Shawn M. 5R+3 Burpees (30#)
Alex 5R + 1 Burpee (30#)

C) Spine/Core

Great Work. Keep Striving to Evolve or Die.

A Moment in Strength: Pistol Presses + Coach JD gets his Instagram-On!

posted by coach Jay D

Here are some shots of what went down recently…

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I’ll be curating Lifting and Living there, daily.

January Wk 1 + 2: What We Did

posted by coach Jay D

Here’s what we did at Fuel Fitness our Interval Conditioning Class, since the new year started.

Although I’m not a fan of randomized workouts every single workout, I do like the idea of having benchmarks to gauge your personal level of fitness and ‘work capacity’. As far as I’m concerned, if you can do more work in a given time, you’re become more fit and efficient in your Movements and with your body.

Moving forward for my Monday and Wednesday classes, I, therefore, declare Every 1st Week: “Benchmark Week”, where we take on a challenge, record our PRs (Personal Records) and Retest every month’s end before kicking off the next month with another test.

Week 1
Monday 1.7.13
Record 2 Set Totals, Non-stop for Max Reps/60s of:
Squats x60s
Rest x60s

Push Up OR Squat Thrust x60s
Rest x60s

Crawlouts x60s
Rest x60s

Jump Rope x60s/Squat Thrust x60s
Rest x60s

RD1: Squat 30, Push Ups 16, Crawlouts 10, Jump Rope/[Squat Thrust] 119
RD2: S 35, PU 20, CO 9, JR 125

RD1: S 35, PU 22, CO 13, JR 103
RD2: S 37, PU 23, CO 13, JR 115

RD1: S 45, PU 19, CO 9, [ST] 16
RD2: S 47, PU 15, CO 12, [ST] 17

RD1: S 24, PU 18, CO 6, [ST] 10
RD2: S 30, PU 14, CO 6, [ST] 13

S 40, PU 27, CO 6, [ST] 15
S 36, PU 18, CO 5, [ST] –

S 30, PU 20, CO 7, JR 100
S 35, PU 14, CO 9, JR 110


Wednesday 1.9.13
Density 12 Mins
Perform the following movements for AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 12 minutes.
Record PRs + Retest in 2-3 Weeks.

2H OH (overhead) Swings x10
Burpees x10
2H KB Clean to Press x Press x10

Fil 5R + 10 Burpees (12#DB)

Donna A. 6R (8kg)

Jane 5R (8kg)

Don K. 5R + 3 C+P (12kg)

Shawn 3R + 10 Swings (30#)

Susan 3R + 5 Burpees (10#+8kg)

Alex 5R + 3 Burpees (30#)

Monday 1.14.13

A) Warm Up

B) Tabata
20s Work : 10s Rest, 8 Rds Non-Stop
(aiming high volume of reps/round)
Drop Lunge

C) 45sW:15R
2-3 Rounds, 45s Work: 15s Rest of:
Meet the Queen
DB Bent Row R

DB Bent Row L
DB Push Press
2 Cycles
Rest 60s Between Sets

D) Spine/Core
Side Bridges
Thai Tucks

Fuel Fitness Kettlebell Class 3 + 4

posted by coach Jay D

Another Great Set of classes occurred last night and last Monday. It’s always hard to come back into training after a long weekend, especially when that long weekend is called, “Thanksgiving”, but the Strength Seekers at Fuel Fitness came to deliver last night. Great Lifting and most importantly….FUN. Geez.

Class 3.

Warm Ups
Squats, Salutation Lunges, Mobility Push Ups
Agility Drills

Lifting Practice
- Clean Intro

Goblet Squat Tabata
20s Work: 10s Rest, 8 RDS

“Fuel KB Complex”
30s/Movement, 4-5 RDS, 30s-60s Rest
LH Clean to Swing
LH Drop Lunge in Rack
RH Clean to Swing
RH Drop Lunge in Rack



Class 4.

Warm Ups

Squats, Salutation Lunges, Mobility Push Ups

Lifting Practice
2 Hands Anyhow
Turkish/Shoe Get Ups

Balance Drills Outside

- Jump and Stick

“Kat’s Omelet”
30s/Movement of:
LH Swing
2H Swing
RH Swing
Figure 8 to Hold
H2H or Walking Swings
60s Rest, 3-5 Sets


Kombat Arts Modern Savage: 10.08.12

posted by coach Jay D

Happy Thanksgiving!
During this Thanksgiving Monday Afternoon, we decided to throw down and Strength Seek to banish all of our turkey and stuffing and Banana Coconut Cream Pie Woes (ok, that last one was just me).

Here’s What we did:
Warm Up/Joint Mobility
- Squats
- Med Ball 2H Get Ups

Tabata Sprints
20s Work: 10s Rest, 8 RDS of Sprints

Balance Drills
Jump and Stick w/Heckleing
- A fun group drill to test our balance and nervous system
- something FUN…that thing that should be part of training every now and then

GPP Medley
DB Deck Squat
RH Waiter Walk
LH Waiter Walk
OH DB Sit Up with Negatives
3-5 RDS

Plate/Stepping Stone Drills
- Balance Practice


Are YOU Thankful for your strength? Your health? Your Ability?
You don’t need one day out of the year to do that, you can express your gratitude each and every day through helping your family, your friends and total strangers. Marinate on that.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!